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Megaman x8 cheats pc

Use the following Boss order, with the corresponding weapon weakness: Optic Sunflower (Green Spinner dark Mantis (Shining Ray avalanche Yeti (Shadow Runner).
Mega Man X8 cheat codes: Easy Metals: This cheats trick requires a Life Tank, but it does not have to be full.
Ultimate Armor X can now be purchased at the development shop.
Have Axl copy a guard cheats in the level and reach the generator.Note: The second one may be difficult to e somebody that can jump cheats high to reach the Rare Metal on the second platform.You can now get another Rare Metal.All Cheats - Latest First, unlock X's Ultimate ArmourAdded, ID #18255.Back up against the wall and turn around quickly, then jump and perform the Nova Strike or the Giga attack.Layer will say megaman that he is copyable.Note: Vile is weak against Yeti's ice weapon.Axl's White Armor, successfully complete the game with all of Axl's metals and use Axl to defeat the final Boss with a double attack to get Axl's White Armor.You must have X (with either the Ultimate or the Neutral Armor; and the Giga Attack or the Nova Strike) and Zero for this megaman level.When "Press Start" appears at the title screen, press L3(2 R3, L3(2 R3, L3(2 R3, L3(2.Game Reviews Movie Reviews TV Reviews.Finish practice rooms easily in Optic Sunflower stage The following is a list of how to complete each room easily.Additionally, have Zero and somebody else, and Alia as cheats navigator.He will get smaller, but become faster as he shrinks.When you get into the room where Palette says megaman there is a generator, have Axl go into a spotlight and copy a guard. Get top rank in evolution all the genius rooms to get the metal for the metal generator.
The following cheats items are also necessary to do this easily: The D-Glaive (For Zero The Rasensetsu (the weapon obtained from Dark Mantis, it looks like you are performing a ultra fast spin in mid-air) for Zero, Shadow Runner epub from Dark Mantis for X, and the.
Either use X equipped with Nova Strike or Giga Attack; or Zero equipped with D-Glaive.
Get to the area where you see explorist a flying guard.
Use Palette as Navigator (Axl and X recommended).
That is oxford where the Rare Metal is located.You can buy Zero's Sigma-Blade at the R D Lab.Lumine, Angel form (X-Buster use the following Boss order.Activate the guards copy DNA.This trick requires a Life Tank, but it does not have to be full.Strategy genius Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ, advertisement, note: This game is also titled Rockman.Palette can now be purchased megaman at the development shop.Get out the T Breaker and use Gravity Antonion's move on the floor.Defeating Bosses: Just have both character's life at full and perhaps a Life Tank.Gigabolt Man-O-War (Crystal Wall bamboo Pandamonium (Thunder Dancer vile (Drift Diamond).Bonus characters: Successfully complete the game and load your cleared saved file.

Note: Both will appear at the megaman x8 cheats pc end of the stage where you collect the battle spools.
If it works, you will see the Metal counter get crazy.