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Lego island 2 the brickster's revenge pc

I mean, look at Assassins creed: Unity.
An adult would dissmiss this game for being" "just plain annoying, i mean the voice acting sucks!" and for one, this is right.
revenge In bricksters other island words, this game gets the score: "Mreh, whatever." Expand.3) Very hard at some points 4) Hard to run on current machinery.It's about the fun.The Lego movie i would've liked to be on the bigscreen was revenge Clutch Powers adventures, or whatever it was revenge called.But we're talking about this game in 2015 people, it's 14 bricksters years after the game's release in 2001.It was a relatively long time ago but that movie was better in many ways.Same goes for Far cry 4, maximal profit and maximal reskinning.It's so broken and yet they pushed this peice bricksters of crap out the door for maximal success.And it's for kids.The game is certainly for kids, the voice acting is silly and.All items include the original case and outer artwork.Cons: 1) Even though it's an open world, there isn't anything to do other revenge than to follow the extremely linear storyline 2) * and glitches baby! An adult would dissmiss this game forAgain, here i templates am explaining that games can be good in more ways than one, this game for an example.
Access codes/keys may be missing/invalid.
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Legoland, lego games, the merch, everything was better those times.
However, it is very challenging for a kid, even with some understanding of what the hell is going.
In fact: i'll have to add multiple pros-and-cons because of how an adult would see this game.
Something many games have forgotten due to developers like Ubisoft want as much episode profit for each game.I mean, as a kid i had absolutely no idea how to do a trick lego at professional the skateboard minigame, but in reality it was in the instruction booklet the entire time (in some copies of the game it didn't mention format the skateboarding player minigame at all).This game is not about the storyline, experience, or anything of the sort.I played this game when i was a kid, it felt much better playing it back then and that is the only thing driver that keeps templates the game from entering the "run-and-never-come-back" zone.If applicable, slipcover may not be included.For an average understanding person (me n' you) : Well, to say the least.

So here's some things to round it up: Pros: 1) Mediocre fun but still very entertaining 2) Open world 3) Every place you visit looks very nice.
Today we are left with the not-so-entertaining Lego movie which, in my opinion was lego island 2 the brickster's revenge pc just an attempt to milk the Lego market even more than it already has.