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Interesting inventions and discoveries 2013

History books will often lead you to believe that the worlds great inventions and discoveries were inventions the work of a single person with a flash of genius, but the reality is rarely that simple.
The internet we know today was developed by a computer programmer named Tim Berners-Lee as he created the World Wide Web, which essentially was a web of information discoveries that people can access.
George Stephenson built the steam engine based on the design discoveries by John Blenkinsop.
Communication tool, invented by Alexander Graham interesting Bell.Deflated and dejected, inventions Coover gave up and moved on, his invention forgotten.Leonardo da Vinci was one of the visionaries who believed that man inventions could discoveries indeed fly, provided that he can build an apparatus that can aid in flight.The Airplane (1903) Making the Flying Dream Come True Souce: John. Vaccines (1796) One of the ripper Most Important Inventions for Humankind Source: Cpl.
Infections ran rampage, especially STDs, making simple diseases that we wouldnt bat an eyelid at nowadays a death sentence.
The Printing Press (1450) The Gutenberg Effect Source: Takomabibelot/Wikimedia Commons The printing press is a prominent part of the foundation on which modern civilization was built upon.
The specification first vapour-compression refrigeration cycle was put forward by Jacob Perkins, who is also known as the father of refrigeration.
Electric Bulb (1880) Lighting Up the World Source: William.
Some would ripper charge that any craft that got airborne should be considered a flying machine, including hot air balloons and inventions airships.
Arpanet (1969) The Primitive Internet Source: Defence Systems Agency/Wikimedia Commons Some of you might not be familiar with specification the term arpanet, but you might be well accustomed to its modern-day version the Internet.
In order to do this they developed a pill named UK92480.This is not a rare issue in the history of inventions and eset discoveries.Pozzolana uses an aluminous and siliceous mixture which reacts with calcium hydroxide at room temperature in the presence of water to form a substance that has cementitious properties.Who invented a particular technology often varies depending on where you are in the world, and the movie camera is a perfect example.Thus there still exists this confusion regarding the father of Motion Picture.Their invention evolved over the years to become what we now call as modern day airplanes.Global system of combined computer networks.But Tesla, always hampered by a poor lion business sense, failed to capitalize on radio as a marketable tool, and though he claimed to have made 50-mile radio transmissions as early as 1895, none were ever verified.Others argue that a true flying machine must be heavier than air, which would disqualify balloons.The Egyptians and the Chinese used water clocks to keep track of time.What ultimately sets them apart from the others is how controlled and prolonged their flights were.