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Ckeditor 4 jquery adapter

script script script Then you can replace ckeditor html elements jquery with jquery a CKEditor instance using the ckeditor method.
Thanks to these changes CKEditor automatically works with the official jQuery jquery Form Plugin for Ajax-based forms.
JQuery events DO bubble up through the DOM, so they can be listened selectively on certain parts of the document.The problem with the callback parameter appears when you apply the ckeditor method ckeditor on a collection:.editors.ckeditor( function / This function will be called adapter repeatedly (as many times as many elements have the 'editors' class).The jQuery Adapter is compatible with jQuery versions.7 and.0.Kennedy in a speech before the United States adapter Congress.Editor : fired when the editor gets destroyed.For example: var editor alert( eckDirty Because setting and retrieving the editor data is a common operation, the jQuery Adapter also provides the dedicated val method: / Get the editor data.Editor Fired as an indicator of the editor data loading.Work around : Basicly instead of initiating the editor using the above example I ended up using the following: Copy ( adapter 'textarea.It works similarily to the jQuery version and gets the value of the first element in the set of matched elements or sets the value of every matched element.This promise will be resolved when all setData methods are done.when( ( '.editors' ).val( 'foo' ) ).then( function / All of editors have set data.( '.section-x' ).find( 'textarea.Additionally it allows you to get or set the contents of the classic editor.Editor' ).ckeditor Note that you can also make use of the jQuery chaining. Overwriting the val function game can be disabled by setting the jqueryOverrideVal configuration option to false before loading the adapter code.
This method works only for editors created from textarea elements.
What's the best feature?
Editor Instance, the.val Method, submitting Data and the jQuery Form Plugin.
The.val Method Because setting and retrieving the editor world data is a common operation, the jQuery Adapter also arms provides a dedicated val method that is an extension of the original jQuery val method.Editor' ).ckeditor.end.find( 'a' ).addClass( 'mylink' ).end The ckeditor is the main method in the jQuery adapter.Editor Instance, if you need access to the editor object, you can use the editor property: game var editor alert( eckDirty To preserve backward compatibility with the CKEditor.x adapter version, it is also possible to use the ckeditorGet method, but this way is deprecated.It provides deep integration of CKEditor and jQuery that lets you use the native features of jQuery when using CKEditor.( 'form' ).ajaxSubmit( beforeSubmit: function / The textarea is already updated now and has the same value as the editor, so you can validate.« See all, /tr /tbody /table p Launched by a strong Saturn V /strong rocket from a title"Kennedy Space Center" Kennedy Space Center /a in Merritt Island, Florida on truck July arms 16, Apollo 11 was the fifth manned mission of a Apollo program.Configuration options specific to the created editor instance.Js Related Tutorials Write your own awesome web world development tutorials for the libraries on cdnjs!Using the jQuery adapter breaks the built-in save function of CKEditor.It can be used, for example, to execute some cleanup on the page.But doing this has not changed the editor at all.

Event Handling Although CKEditor uses its own event system, there are five events which are being exposed to the jQuery event system.
To create editor instances, other than the usual CKEditor core script, you need to load the jQuery Adapter file in the page, in the following order: script type"text/javascript" script type"text/javascript" At this point, any ckeditor 4 jquery adapter textarea, p or div element can be transformed into a rich.
You can use it with jQuery helpers:.when( ( editor' ).val( 'foo' ) ).then( function / Now you are sure that the data is set.